Cast Protectors

Keep the water out and the heal protection in!

The AquaShield Cast Protector is a polyurethane protective cover for casts, bandages, dressings, burns, prostheses, and other conditions required to remain dry during bathing, showering or swimming. It can also be used for fractures, foot/hand/knee surgery, lymphedema and water therapy.

A17 Small Half Arm <8.5"
A21 Regular Half Arm >8.5"
A26 Small Full Arm <10"
A31 Regular Full Arm >10"
L20 Small Half Leg <11.5"
L25 Regular Half Leg >11.5"
L33 Small Full Leg <18.5"
L44 Regular Full Leg >18.5"

Single-Piece Construction
Made in one piece, the AquaShield has no straps, pump, ring, or diaphragm. The absence of folded excess material ensures a continuous watertight seal. The AquaShield slips over a cast or bandage without any drag or snag. In keeping with our commitment to patients’ ease and comfort, our arm models have a mitten shape that offers better tactile feel and grip. 

High-Performance Material
The AquaShield is made of polyurethane — a virtually indestructible material that’s 40 to 50 times stronger than materials used by our competitors. It will not tear when pulled over a fiberglass cast, and stretches easily to form a comfortable, non-constrictive seal.

Because of the strength of polyurethane construction, the AquaShield can be used again and again, and will even outlast a patient’s convalescence.

The risk of allergic reactions to latex is one we’re not prepared to take. Rather than expose patients to the possibility of anaphylactic shock, we rely on the safety of polyurethane. Our use of this material is patented, so none of our competitors can utilize it in their products.

Non-Slip Sole
An added safety feature is our SkidSafe™ sole which provides unparalleled traction on wet or slippery surfaces.